Protect-A-Bed BugLock Encasement Queen 15 (2 Pack) Buglock Mattress En

Protect-a-bed Buglock Encasement Queen 15 Buglock Mattress En

135.99 USD

 It's polyurethane and polypropylene exterior lining lock in irritants that create a waterproof surface

 This encasement is independently tested to eliminate bed bugs from bedding and is machine washable

 Protect-A-Bed Bug Lock Queen Size 15 two Pack Brand New, The Protect-A-Bed reg BugLock Mattress Encasement features a unique 3 side zipper system with a SecureSeal which eliminates spaces exactly where bugs could enter

 BugLock Mattress Encasement Mattress Encasement, Polypropylene Exterior, BugLock reg 3 Sided Zipper - Innovative Secure Seal reg - Eliminates Spaces Where Bugs Could Enter, Allergy Proof, Polyurethane Lining Lock, Air Vapor Porous, Absorbent and waterproof, Non Woven, Machine Washable Tumble Dry Fabric, Superior Protection Against Bedwetting

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