Offex OF-STANDUP-SC40-WB - 48 Single - Column Crank Adjustable Stand

Offex Of-standup-sc40-wb, 48 Single, Column Crank Adjustable Stand

404.93 USD

 A sturdy, individual column conserves space while the central crank enables you to move from sit to stand without moving out of the front of the desk of yours

 A single, robust column conserves space and also gives legroom when you are sitting

 The Single Column Stand Up Desk enables productive and healthy working in a low cost

 625 D Brand Offex Model Number OF-STANDUP-SC40-WB

 625 D computer is ideal for a laptop computer with adequate room for a monitor, mouse, and keyboard

 Rapidly shift from remain to stand for heights between 30 and 45

 4 3 casters, 2 with locking brakes, make going the workspace of yours effortless

 Maneuverability combined with a spacious surface allows you to maintain efficiency in an all time high

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