Offex 36'' Adjustable Stand up Desk Converter - White, 1st Generation

Offex 36'' Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter, White, 1st Generation

392.44 USD

 Large Cool Surface - The 60 W X 24 D Carbon Fiber Textured Work Surface Is pretty Cool, Smooth And Durable, Perfectly Meeting The Need of yours To Work Or Game

 Plug The Usb Into Your Gaming Pc Or Laptop And Watch The Gaming Desk of yours Come Alive

 The Z60 Boasts A sleek 60 Carbon Fiber Textured Desktop And the Gaming Surface Has Plenty Of Space For The Gaming Monitors of yours, Gaming Keyboard, Gaming Consoles, And Any other Gaming Gear You may have

 Rgb Led Lighting - The Z60 Gaming Desk Comes With Rgb Led Lighting

 Description The Offex Z60 Gaming Desk Is the Perfect Choice For The Gaming Command Center of yours

 Z Shaped Computer Gaming Desk Office Pc Computer Tables With Lights were Led by Rgb Large Mousepad For E Sport Gamer Racing Table

 Features Comes with a Large Mouse Pad - Fitting The Edge Design Of Desktop And It's Big enough For You To Place All Types of Keyboards, Mouse And other Items On It

Brand: Offex, buy offex