Eddie Rustic Acacia Wood Bench with Shelf - Gray

Gdfstudio Eddie Rustic Acacia Wood Bench With Shelf, Gray

251.67 USD

 ACACIA WOOD Created using acacia wood that brings an exotic and sleek look to the space of yours, this durable hardwood naturally withstands the elements and will

 Including nature inspired textures plus earthy wood substances, the bench of ours offers simple yet outstanding comfort and style for all to experience

 RUSTIC DESIGN Match the decor of yours to this rustic like shelf bench that brings a rugged, natural beauty to the interior room of yours

 Timeless and classic, the indoor bench of ours offers you a built in shelf which won't just add beauty to the home of yours but also act as a practical, understated means of keeping a variety of accessories, or any other inside decorations

 With delicately carved acacia wood details and a beautiful spindle backrest, this robust piece is a beautiful sight to see

 Bring the foyer of yours or living room to life with a tastefully designed slatted bench, providing you with a room to put on the shoes of yours or just relax

Brand: Gdfstudio, buy GDFStudio