Chloe Velvet Unicorn Ottoman - pink, natural finish

Gdfstudio Chloe Velvet Unicorn Ottoman, Pink, Natural Finish

99.36 USD

 The inner kid of yours will be bouncing up and down along with the kids of yours with our delightfully playful ottoman

 Not only does the accessory bring a magical touch to the home of yours but also can be used as a footstool or an extra seat, thus, making this an extremely flexible piece

 This adorable unicorn creates a fun, fantastical vibe for the kids of yours, bringing a fantastic sparkle to the home of yours

 With sleek velvet fur and brilliant design, our ottoman brings the creativity of yours to life with a whimsical charm for all to experience

 VELVET The velvet of ours is hundred polyester, having a featherlike softness and unique sheen

 UNICORN DESIGN Our ottoman offers a delightful unicorn design finish with a golden horn, fluffy tail, and colorful hair

 With a built in resistance to wrinkles

 With pride having an enchanting unicorn design, this ottoman is going to prance throughout the home of yours in a splash of delicate textures or color

Brand: Gdfstudio, buy GDFStudio