Baxton Studio Florissa Red Plastic Modern Dining Chair (Set of 2)

Baxton Studio Florissa Red Plastic Modern Dining Chair

254.09 USD

 Sold as a set of 2, the Florissa Designer Dining Chair is made with a hard red molded clear plastic seat and a shiny chrome plated steel foundation finished with shielding non marking legs, a boon for sensitive flooring

 Also available is the Florissa Dining Chair in black color as well as the similar Ximena Dining Chair in white or orange sold separately

 Packaged while fully assembled to a cardboard carton, the Florissa Modern Dining room Chair is simple to clean just wipe with a damp cloth

 Although arguably best suited as a dining room chair, this stackable chair can easily make the way of its into any space that needs quick, easy seating just stack into a corner or closet when not in use

 The markedly boisterous temperament of the Florissa Contemporary Dining Chair tends to make this a joy to contribute to any space

Brand: Baxton Studio, buy Baxton Studio